The members’ interest for experimental music and vinyl records led to the formation in 2005, starting with free improvisations with electronic treatments of vinyl records in any tempo. The recorded material is edited to finished "live-take" tracks or recycled for new improvisations or mixed into more constructed tracks.

This way Small Things on Sundays has refined their signature sounds, and added more sound sources: guitar, radio, tapes, viola and various gadgets. The duo works with different stylistic challenges in periods of time, raging from noisy experimental to smoother dark ambient sounds.

Both members have made music in various constellations prior to Small Things. Henrik Bagner played in a free-structure noise-guitar band in the 90-es, which unfortunately never left the rehearsal space, but the name "On the wrong planet has survived as his solo outlet. Claus Poulsen has been playing since his childhood in various bands, and is active in a number of collaborations.

Small Things on Sundays are situated in Copenhagen, Denmark.