Recorded spring 2009 using vinyl records at very slow speeds and detuned guitars played with a violin bow. The result is this collection of organic, multilayered dark ambient tracks. On muliple playbacks, the listener will dig deeper into the layers of the music, exposing new details.


4 AM

1. Below the surface                9:55
2. Later                                       4:58
3. Spitze observatory             12:16
4. Ghost                                     8:57
5. Drifting                                   9:10
6. Molecules                             7:46
7. Daybreak                               9:07

total time: 62:09

Produced by Henrik Bagner and Claus Poulsen
Mastered by Joachim Michaelis

Pictures by Artwerk
Cover design by Sietse van Erve
Moving Furniture MFR 007
100 copies CDr released january 2010

Available at Norman Records and Moving Furniture
Listen to 4AM at Bandcamp
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Watch the video for "Below the surface" here.