- Well it definately sounds original
- I got the taste of Raster-Noton works some Basic Channel and Janek Schaefer at the same time: ) the good thing is they don't sounds like you've just tried a basic imitation of them, it's authentic in a nice way
- The only critique I have is it is too short
- Captivating from the first sounds


First transmissions

Web EP and numbered CDr edition May 2008. Five edits of tracks done between 2005 and 2008.

1. prozac                   3:59
2. Icebreaker            3:16
3. radiation                5:31
4. Sleepers               3:17
5. Lava                       3:37

total time: 19:40

Produced at skrat studio CPH 2008
cover design by Artwerk

Download mp3 zipped [19 Mb]

Download FLAC zipped [92 Mb]