concentric circles

The compilation features 12 tracks from some of the globes most talented sound-designers; a subtly rewarding headphone listen from start to finish. It has been curated and ordered purposefully to induce a state of sleep, starting off minimally and gradually gathering tone and atmosphere as the experience goes on without ever boiling over or reaching a crescendo. Parts of the album are light and restful whereas traces of it tread darker territory. All in all, the imagery that the album conjurs sits perfectly as a soundtrack to the dreams one experiences during a nights sleep.



Various artists
In the bleak wilderness of sleep

1 Michael Trommer
2 Simon Whetham "Cold Shoulder (Part 1.2)
3 D'Incise "Octobre-Septembre"
4 James McDougall "Scarborough"
5 Deep Into Perspectives "Home"
6 Specta Ciera "Under Cool Air"
7 Francisco Lopez "Untitled #264"
8 Spheruleus "Overcast"
9 Small Things On Sundays "Harbour"
10 Philip Sulidae "Aher"
11 Natalia Noelia Siebuła and Bartosz Dziadosz "Ótta og kvíða"
12 Julien Demoulin "Dull Ache"

Released on Audio Gourmet 17 may 2011

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200 copies CDr
Cover by Eric Lacombe