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“Mass/Flux” is an aural interpretation of forces at work – flowing magma, nuclear powers, electromagnetism and gravity. As the five long tracks has more aggression and energy and usually takes unexpected turns in a crackling, boiling and droning sound-world, this album is more powerful and demanding for the listener. Small Things imagines seeing the subject from inside the matter investigated.

The humming sounds of powerful scientific machinery is illustrated by coils of vibrant sound-loops tensing up the atmosphere, minimal in its repetitive structure and shifting form as the unruly energies pushes back and forth to escape its forms and become part of new structures.

LHC link
Tevatron link

  Mass / Flux

1. LHC vs Tevatron                              13:14
2. Surtsey                                                9:34
3. Static heights                                     7:46
4. Static heights II                                  8:39
5. Floating in space (open mix)        10:54

 total time: 50:07

Compiled by Henrik Bagner
Mixed and mastered by Claus Poulsen
Produced by Small Things on Sundays

Released March 2011. Limited edition of 80 copies. Disc mounted in a handmade sleeve, covered with liner notes, booklet and postcard. Housed in a slipcase with mounted painted art by Andy Robinson.

Striate Cortex S.C. 38
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