”More” is the follow-up to ”4 AM”. Small Things on Sundays continue to explore sounds between dark ambient and drone. This time the duo digs deeper into the darkness with more industrial and powerful sounds.

”More” is a journey into apparently desolate sites or constructions devoid of human activity. The music is a sonic  interpretation of these places. It could be the vibrations of machines in empty buildings or the distant waves crashing in on the shoreline. It could be the wind audible in an old factory vent or the hissing sound underneath the car-tires on a rainy motorway, its still hard to tell which is the original source.
On ”More”, Small Things on Sundays continue to use vinyl samples, destroyed guitars and other sound sources,........ distorted, re-sampled and mutated, again and again, until a new expression is obtained.




1. Powerstation                    5:17
2. Pioneers                           7:56
3. Bark beatles                     5:55
4. Cavernous                       9:46
5. Hull                                  10:01
6. From a distance               7:29

total time: 46:24

Produced by Henrik Bagner and Claus Poulsen
Cover art  by Artwerk
Design by Striate Cortex
Striate cortex S.C. 18
(c) 2010

Released 17 May 2010 LTD 100 CDr
Striate Cortex S.C. 18

Reviewed at Foxy Digitalis

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