new sonic

"New Sonic" is divided into 6 vortexes who will bring you down in the centre hole through the implosion of every sound that could be played and produced with vinyls surface and turntable.
Their style perfectly converges the pop (de)composition of  avantgarde turntablist Christian Marclay and  the turntable sound exploration of Otomo Yoshihide.



New sonic

1. New sonic 1                              3:06
2. New Sonic 2                              2:11
3. Heavy metal zapping               2:17
4. New sonic 3                              3:56
5. Jetlag                                          4:52
6. New sonic 4                              3:22

total time: 19:44

70 copies 3" CDr in mini DVD case
Cover by artwerk
intruments: turntables and laptops

Dokuro DK016
August 2009
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