"Recalling", three tracks of high quality otherworldly and cavernous ambient drones. This is a thoroughly atmospheric listen from start to finish and although it has the typical short timeframe that comes as standard with Audio Gourmet releases, this record seems to draw out time through this short duration. .


1. Floating in space (pulse mix)                               6:37
2. I know you know (...the dinosaurs' calling)        4:29
3. The crows warns: you should not be here        4:58

total time: 16:04

Produced by Small Things on Sundays at Skrat Studio 2009-2010
Mastered by Claus Poulsen
Title concept by Henrik Bagner

Cover by Artwerk

Audio Gourmet AGN016

Download EP released 31. August 2010

Download at Audio Gourmet