Small Things on Sundays have focused on their musical vision to create an album of beauty and shade, which will take the listener on a sound journey exploring the filmic images the tracks presents. It can be investigated with further listenings revealing subtle details. The title "Searching For" refers to the duo's own quest to create new moods and athmospheres, where time stretches out, as the listener, and the band themselves, submerges into harmonic ambient layers and more abstract unsettling textures that emerge from the improvisations. The basic sounds on the LP are derived from live improvisations, using turntables, detuned guitar, toy keyboard, viola and laptops. Some of the tracks are kept as the first live-takes, other tracks are the product of long hours of re-arranging tracks from the sound archive.

Steven Cammack at
".....The final piece is one of the finest pieces I have heard for a long time. "Two Instruments". Fast strings meet slow strings. Very clever. It builds like a jigsaw...... Brilliant. ""

  Searching For

Format: 180g vinyl LP
Release: 19. Januar 2013
Label: Skrat Records skr-011

side 1
1) Enceladus 7:51
2) Liquid mirror 5:28
3) Isthmus of Avalon 3:51

side 2
1) Echo lake at night 4:22
2) Terracotta fragment 2:23
3) Two instruments 10:35

produced by Henrik Bagner and Claus Poulsen
mastered by Simon Ellegaard
viola on Isthmus of Avalon by Astrid Bruun Johansen
original cover photo by Dorte Pedersen
cover by Claus Poulsen

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Norman Records (mailorder)
Rillbar (DK mailorder)
Route 66
Second beat
Sound Station
Michelle Records (Hamburg)

Skrat Records

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